About me

warmest of hellos!

my name is Hebe - like Phoebe but with out the 'ph' sound! To put it simply I am pretty much just your typical 21 year old girl with a slightly unhealthy obsession for books, ice cream, vaginas and saving the planet - amongst other things.

I'm currently in my final year studying Geography at University of Bristol in England (so yes, not to brag but I am very good at colouring in). 

Originally I'm from Somerset and live in the middle of nowhere with my parents, my two brothers and my dog Fosse. 

What this blog is primarily about is: life in general, my thoughts and opinions, sex education, as well as any books, music or films that take my fancy. 

If you've read my introductory post: New beginnings I try to explain the premise of me starting this blog and my past blogging experiences in a slightly rambling way (not really selling it I know, but do give it a read if you're feeling up to it).

There's really not too much more about me worth telling, but I do hope you find something that you can enjoy or relate to in my words.

Hebe x 

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