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If your 'COVID' era has been anything like mine then you might find yourself with a slight addiction to all things skincare, largely thanks to 'Skincare by Hyam's' tiktoks if I'm honest.

my relationship with skincare in the past has been a bit...well...lazy and uninformed I guess. This will make some of you want to hit me, but for context, I am someone who is lucky enough to not suffer with troublesome skin and I have always felt comfortable with my skin, not really bothering with foundation or coverups - granted I have problems with dark circles and the odd spot.

Because of this I practically never washed my face until I was maybe 17 and even then, the things I would abuse my skin with *shudders in recollection* .... abrasive St Ives peach scrub, handsoap, vaseline, body wash are some of the worst offenders - I've even chemically burnt my face with a particularly nasty incident involving my moustache and Nair.

It wasn't until I watched a few youtube videos on skincare routines that I realised maybe it was time to help my poor flaky face out with some cleanser, moisturiser and a good SPF. Not only that but the morning and evening routine of skincare is one that I found I really enjoy and is a great form of self-care that helps structure my mornings/evenings a bit more.

Getting immersed in the skincare world, however, made me quickly realise how bad it is for the planet - all those chemicals and plastic bottles when I'm over here trying my best to build a low-waste lifestyle! I started to research a few more sustainable and low waste brands, however, reviews on them seem somewhat hard to come by. 

The first low-waste brand that I came across was Ethique. Some of you may have heard of them before or seen their lovely packaging in stores. I decided to splash out and try their coconut cleanser 'Bliss bar' for dry skin. 

The product came in plastic-free cardboard packaging and I've been using it for several months now and I really like it. it's not only good value but my skin feels clean and really moisturised, not stripped like some cleansers tend to do, due to soaps and fragrances (the Ethique bar has none). I store mine on my bathroom windowsill away from water. It's been months and there's still so much product left as a lather forms really quickly and you hardly need to use any product. The one issue I find with it is that it gets texture, unlike my other bar products - I'm not sure its a problem, but it makes me wonder if I'm storing it wrong!

After cleansers I was really struggling to find brands that did moisturiser with SPF in to reduce the amount of products I use and keep things simple and also involved minimal plastic packaging. (For those who don't know, plastic bottles are largely recyclable, however, they can only be recycled 5 times before ending up in the landfill - unlike glass and metal which can go on being recycled and reused endlessly!) I came across the brand FaceTheory that had been more widely reviewed and praised highly for its use of vegan, cruelty free products, not to mention to that almost all their products come in glass containers with metal lids! Result! 

They also agreed to send me some free products to try out, which I have advertised on my instagram. This post is not sponsored by them, however, I really wanted to write a review about the products I chose as well. (I also have a discount code: HEBE20, that allows you to get 20% off when you use my code at the checkout and I get a small commission!) I have only been using the products for about a month now, so I can't fully atest to whether or not they 'work', but I can tell you what they've done so far, if they've done any harm and if they're as good as other products I've used.

I ended up getting two products from FaceTheory. The first is their Amil C-Whip SPF 20 moisturiser and the second was their Regena C20 Serum. 

I had never used a serum before, but had seen everyone using them and was curious to give it a go and see if it made a difference. 

A little of this goes a Very long way. I literally use a tiny drop and it nicely covers my face. I have found that the product dries a little sticky. Because of this, I tend to use it only at night before I moisturise. In all honesty, I'm not really sure if I can see any difference in my face after using it, but it feels nice to apply and do a little mini face massage. 

I ended up selecting a non-fragranced option, as I wanted as few chemicals on my skin as possible. They smell fine to me, but my boyfriend keeps saying my face smells like roast chicken - not an awful smell but if you'd rather smell like a citrus fruit, maybe get the fragranced version.

The moisturiser is great too...

Again, a little goes a really long way. It wasn't mega expensive, maybe about £15, and it comes in a glass pot with a metal lid, which I can reuse or recycle with no worries about plastic waste. The texture is oddly grainy, but when you rub it in, it's completely fine and very smooth and light. My face feels moisturised but not greasy. It also has SPF which means my skin routine is quicker and simpler - which I love. I will definitely be buying this product again.

All in all, my skin care routine still needs a little work - including finding a plastic-free alternative to bottled eye-make up remover. But, like all low-waste changes, it is a work in progress and I'm happy with my progress so far.

Hebe x

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