My Plastic-Free sustainable shower routine!

Dear Reader,

In the last year or so, I've been really working hard to live a more sustainable life. I often find myself sucked down rabbit holes of minimalist and/or zero waste bloggers and finish watching feeling inspired and motivated to make conscious changes in my life.

'Zero waste' is a term I don't particularly like to use, I much prefer 'low waste'. For the majority of our population, myself included, 'zero' waste is simply not an option. The zero waste movement should not be about one person doing it perfectly - that's just unrealistic. Instead, it should be about everybody making what small changes they can to reduce the amount of products they consume and consequential waste.

I still have a huge way to go, and reducing waste is a process not a quick fix! It takes a while to use up old products and transition to new, more sustainable ones.

I currently have several blog drafts about my transition to low waste, but feel like I always have a while to go and am not quite ready to post them. I have already posted about my transition to sustainable period products last year and now am happy to say that the shower is now another area on my life that I have managed to make almost completely zero waste.

Although I still am in the process of shopping around and trying out which products work best for me, I'm keen to share what products I use and what I've discovered along the way!

None of the products or brands mentioned are sponsoring me.

1.  Bar Soap

This was one of first transitions I made. I always used to use shower gels that came in plastic bottles until I realised how easy it is to just buy a solid bar that comes without plastic packaging. I got given my current one as a gift, but previously bought soap from my local low waste shop!

I know that Boots also have body soaps that come in recyclable cardboard boxes or online shops such as : provide zero-plastic alternatives. My soap bar is still going strong, months after I bought it, saving me a lot more money than if I had bought the 3 bottles of shower gel I usually use in the same time frame.

2. Shampoo and Conditioner bars instead of bottles.

Finding a shampoo bar that works for your hair type can be a challenge and a half. I'd say haircare is one of the biggest difficulties when it comes to low waste.

That being said, I seemed to strike gold with Lush's blue 'Seanik' shampoo bar.

My hair is healthy and clean and smells really good. I have really dry hair and I have found that it hasn't improved my frizz in anyway, so I have just ordered their 'Soak and Float' bar (pictured below) to try out.

I love how many options Lush has and to be honest I'm a tad obsessed with their whole package free line.

I only just ran out of my bottled conditioner and so haven't been using Lush's 'American Cream' bar long enough to give it a full review, but so far so good! I will say that it takes longer to get enough on my rather thick hair, so I have to smooth the bar directly onto the hair.

All their shampoo and conditioner bars cost around £7-8, which seems a lot, I know! However, considering each lasts about 3 times the amount of bottled products (if stored correctly), it can actually save you money!

To help them last even longer, I store mine outside the shower so they don't melt when they get wet. I also have some small containers some of which are just tins I got from Lush or old tupperware. I've popped a photo of how I store my products on my windowsill below.

These are great too for when you go away. They're even more compact than bringing bottles - and you can take them on carry on luggage because they're solid!

Basically it's a win win.

3. Lufa

Instead of using body scrub I now use a lufa to exfoliate. Lufa is actually a plant (A fact that still keeps me up at night, I don't know why I'm still so shook by it), and so are compostable at the end of their life. DO check that it is 100% biodegradable so you can compost it, as sometimes they put them in plastic casing etc.

4. Razor

A sustainable safety razor is my latest low waste swap! I got this one from Bambaw and it works great on armpits, legs and bikini lines. All you have to do is remove and recycle the blade once dull and then replace with a new one.

The blade tends to last longer than regular razors and if you take care of it by ensuring its clean and dry after use, it will last ages! I also think that you get a much cleaner shave - my legs have literally never been this smooth.

It does take me longer to shave with this razor, as you have to be more careful with its sharper edges and it doesn't bend and flex to your body contours like regular razors. I also like to dismantle, clean and dry mine after every use, which doesn't take ages but is definitely more faff than I'm used to. You don't have to do this, but I like to make my razor last longer. For me, it works great because I now only shave about once a week/ every other week.

The most zero waste option is to not shave at all! Something I gave a go over quarantine and actually really enjoyed. I shave a lot less frequently now because of it.


I've also made some other bathroom changes such as reusable cotton pads and a solid bar face cleanser. However, I decided to leave these out to put in a post on my low-waste skincare in the future!

Hebe x


  1. hey thats a good start i mean i think i should give a try too to help this world that already sick

    1. Amazing! I definitely recommend giving it a go - you might even prefer to use some of the products, I know that I do. Plus, every individual action helps the planet :) x