MORE of my favourite classical soundtracks

Dear reader,

Simply because I enjoyed writing the last one so much and because I missed out so many great ones, I have decided to share with you even MORE of my favourite movie soundtracks (aren't you lucky!)

So without further ado and in no particular order:

1. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

I know, very basic of me, but honestly, it's how I discovered Hans Zimmer and so for that, I will be forever grateful. It's highly enjoyable to listen to; stupidly catchy, as well as being thematically intelligent and thoughtful. I know that for the first film 'the curse of the black pearl' Badelt, Jablonski and Djwadi amongst others wrote the scores, but the main themes and creations are indisputably Zimmer. It's orchestrally uncomplicated but that just makes it even more accessible in terms of playing the actual music (which is another reason I love it, some of the most fun I had in concert band). It's exciting and addictive and you can't not love it. Some of it is beautiful music-making as well, particularly "Davy Jones". All the themes are instantly recognisable and blend and transition fantastically.

2. Stardust

As one of my all-time favourite films and movie adaptations of a book, I'm biased. Having said that, Ilan Eshkeri was the perfect choice of composer and produced a great score. You can hear the influence from Lord of the Rings, especially in 'Tristan & Yvaine", however, it doesn't sound unoriginal and manages to encapsulate emotion far better in my opinion, with a more obvious range of musical themes, especially excellent considering it is a much shorter film. The instrumentation is wise as well and character themes are recognisable and fitting. It's the kind of album you can sit and appreciate and also bop to. "Coronation" and "Septimus" are some of my favourite songs.

3. The Dark Knight
I partially just love this because it's both Hans Zimmer and James Newton-Howard. 'Why so serious' stands out easily as musically the best piece on the track. The album has ample levels of super-hero but also darker themes, which just sums up the film perfectly. It isn't too in your face, but it has some really beautiful musical ideas in there. Not necessarily got the bops but very moody and fitting.

4. Wall-e
Some of you might laugh at this one, but in terms of animated films, Wall-e does a really good job of focusing not only on the upbeat 'cute' nature of the film but also the seriousness of apocalyptic earth. Not only cleverly done and interesting to listen to, but there are some low-key bops too.
It gets the futuristic elements worked into the soundtrack, particularly by choosing clever instrumentation.

5. Up

Up, written by Michael Giacchino very nearly and probably should have made it into my last soundtrack post. I think it's the best recent film score for an animated film, or perhaps of all time (bold statement I know). One of the only soundtracks written that can make me feel such a vast range of emotions. "Things we did" has never failed to make me cry and I've listened to it and attempted to learn it on the piano many many times. It's so simple and so beautiful and applicable to everyone, which is partially what makes it so enjoyable. Oh so clever, oh so beautiful.

6. Far from the madding crowd

One of my favourite classics (all praise Hardy), the film adaptation is wonderful. The music is too. The score somehow manages to epitomise the ambiance of the Dorset countryside, my home turf, which is perhaps why I enjoy it quite so much. It has excellent emotive layering, which adds to the film and helps it be the great thing it is, as all scores should.
No notable bangers or battle scene tunes but it's gentle yet tempestuous in an underrated way.

7. Narnia
Another one I almost but didn't quite put on my last post. I remember learning "Narnian Lullaby" on my recorder aged about 12, just because I love the films so much. "The battle" is so recognisable and is a banger and a half. Hans Zimmer unsurprisingly making the music completely iconic.

"Prince Caspian" also has a great soundtrack and works well with the themes pioneered in "The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe"

And there you have it! A whole list of some more of my favourites. I could again put down even more and choosing these was slightly strenuous, however, I hope there are some you can agree with, or maybe even give a listen now and appreciate!

Happy reading/listening,

Hebe x

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  1. The pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack is so good for writing to - I love discovering new music! Have you ever listened to Christian Baczyk? He's a great composer, but I found him on YouTube don't know if he's in Spotify. Great post!

    1. You're spot on there! Does wonders for the imagination I think. I haven't listened to Christian Baczyk, but will 100% give him a listen now! Thanks so much x

  2. Some fab picks as always, Hebes. So glad you've joined the Spotify crew so I can have a stalk!