My favourite Classical soundtracks

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If you don't know me personally you probably have no idea that one of the great loves of my life is soundtrack music. Music is there to make you feel something, soundtrack music is the concentrated version of this. I mean, it literally is composed to manipulate and enhance your emotions in an exaggerated manner - which is why I love it!

With this in mind, I thought I would share with you some of my all time favourite classical soundtracks (if I included musicals we would be here forever) and try to give a short explanation as to why.

How To Train Your Dragon

I've already said to anyone who will listen, if I ever get married, I am having 'Test Drive' from this soundtrack play as I walk down the aisle. Yes, I have thought about this, no I am not joking.

I once played a medley of this soundtrack in my old concert band and honestly, it made me love it so much more. Not only was it one of the best performances of my life because the band enjoyed the music so much and so played better, but honestly it just stirs a lil' something in my heart. It's the kind of music that makes you feel like a super hero when you walk out of the cinema. Basically, it makes you want to go and fly a dragon, which is a pretty awesome feeling if you ask me. 'Where No one goes' is also a bop.

Peter Pan

Yes, this version, not the Disney classic. This is honestly James Newton Howard at his finest. 'Flying' and 'Fairy Dance', as well as 'I do believe in Fairies' are just so magical.
The story of Peter Pan has always fascinated me and been one of my favourites my whole life. I even wanted a Peter Pan tattoo when I was 16! I remember watching this film when I was little, crushing hard on Peter. I used to shut my eyes, stand on the sofa arm rest and wiggle my toes until the music crescendoed and then leap off, sure I would fly.
Don't worry - no Hebes were harmed in this process, but the sofa arm has never been the same. Point is, the music has always made me feel like I can fly.

Edward Scissor Hands

I'm starting to realise that there is a strong correlation between my favourite films and my favourite sound tracks.

I Looooveee this film, and 'Ice dance' is so perfect and eerie and dramatic.

Definitely not everyone's cup of tea, but as a lover of the film, it makes the music even more special.

The Corpse Bride

Another Danny Elfman, this soundtrack has such a good continuation of themes throughout the music but also such genre variation. I love the jazzy 'Ball and Socket Lounge' , but also the eerie and resounding 'Victor's Piano Solo'.

Danny Elfman's writing accompanies Tim Burton's style of film so well.

Harry Potter (All of them)
I really couldn't leave Harry Potter out. The music reminds me of home and is so nostalgic for me. There are also some really beautiful pieces beyond 'Hedwig's theme' too.
I love 'Window to the Past' and some of the more sad and eerie ones from the last film, such as 'Lily's theme' and 'courtyard apocalypse'. I distinctly remember I couldn't listen to any of the harry potter music, particularly 'Courtyard Apocalypse' for months after I watched the film in the cinema. As weird as it might sound, I was so overwhelmed by emotion because harry Potter means so much to me and the last chapter had finally ended I couldn't face it. However, we did a school production of 'Macbeth' where that song was used and I had to get over myself sharpish!

We Bought a zoo

Jonsi is an artist who crops up throughout my music and honestly, what a gem of a soundtrack. It's so peaceful and emotive and compliments the film (which is amazing if you haven't seen it) so so well.

I don't really know how to describe it but if I had to pick one soundtrack that sounds like me/my life. I would pick this one. Relating to classical music isn't something you necessarily hear very often due to lack of lyrics, but I relate to this sound track.

So, there we have it! A very limited list of classical soundtracks I love. Some time in the future I might do another of these posts or maybe one based on musicals too!

Hebe x

Header Photo by Mohammad Metri on Unsplash
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  1. I read the bit about you jumping off the sofa arm to mum and she thought it was adorable. Also, can't wait to watch you walk down the aisle to 'test drive,' in the middle of a beautiful forest surrounded by flowers! X

    1. aww mamma g!! What can I say - I'm pretty much the ideal child (adorable to a fault)! Well well, look who's been doin her homework x