The 10 student myths that are actually true.

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You could say that the British University experience is somewhat renowned for its' student culture: stereotypes of what is expected from a typical university student.

For those of you unfamiliar with said stereotypes or myths, it might be worth doing a little background research.  However, if you can imagine a zombie-looking young adult frantically typing at a laptop, whilst nursing some form of cheap alcohol, you've pretty much got the picture.

Needless to say, student culture does vary depending on the university you go to, however, there is a generic few 'myths' that I have definitely found true and achieved in my first term and a half of uni. I say 'achieved' not to portray any of these things as a proud accomplishment. Oh no…I share most of these things with you with my head bowed in acceptance and shame.

1.  Got fresher's flu

Oh yes, fresher's flu. For those of you who maybe aren't aware it is an almost sacred tradition in the first week of university, during fresher's week (a week where all you do is go out drinking and clubbing with a bunch of total strangers, feel hungover a lot and cower in fear in your room feeling sorry for yourself) that you catch the flu. Living in close quarters with multiple people, as well as the lack of sleep and poor dietary choices – I indeed fell victim to the infection. I actually caught it the week after fresher's week on a field trip. I thought I had escaped, but alas. It was inevitable

2. Eaten a lot of baked beans

This is an understatement. I was once asked by my flatmate "Hebe…do you eat anything other than beans on toast?" To which I meekly replied, "Sometimes I have it with cheese too…" Beans on toast for me and many a British person is comfort food and is SO EASY to make. So yes I eat lots of them, judge me all you like!

3. Joined loads of random societies.

Following the trend of every student before me, I fell prey to all the free stuff being given out at the freshers fair in exchange for giving various societies my email address. I still get emails from Caledonian society and Gospel Choir.

4. Lost all my cutlery

Came with enough to feed the 5000 – I am currently down to a singular teaspoon and a fork I pilfered from the kitchen sink and claimed as my own.

5. Gone to a 9am lecture drunk

I wore hiking boots, a raincoat (it wasn't raining) and pyjama bottoms…At least my notes are entertaining to look back on.

6. Smelt my clothes in order to judge whether or not to wash them

Don't judge, laundry is EXTORTIONATE. I've also bought new underwear rather than doing laundry. Shameful I know.

7. made some pretty cool friends

Shout out to them because even though it's only been a few months, some of the friends I've made are among the greatest humans I've had the pleasure of meeting...sometimes I have to pinch myself that I've been so lucky.

8. Pulled an unintentional all-nighter

This is not as fun/ adventurous as it sounds.I live in a very big flat, so naturally, there's lots of noise. My room is also situated opposite the kitchen, which is the hub of activity. Typing this I can hear ‘starships' being ironically played and about 6 boys singing along…oh sorry no they've just turned it to ‘super bass'.

My ex-neighbour also used to have very loud sex. Like, could hear it 4 doors down loud.

On one particular occasion I didn't get to sleep until around 6/7 am.

9. Got with someone I probably shouldn't have


10. Somehow managed to scrape by

Even though university often depicts us students as these half dead creatures who do little except drink, party, and sleep, I have actually spent some time doing what I'm here to do. And so far, touch wood, I'm doing ok!


So there you have it, 10 things I have done that fit into university culture! There's probably more to add to the list and dozens of experiences people expect from uni – but honestly, it is what you make of it and the important thing is to enjoy yourself and make the most of your time here.

Hebe x

Photo by Jeremy Sallee on Unsplash

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  1. I LOVED reading this, all of it is so true haha. So well written xxx