New Beginnings

Dear readers,

Firstly, welcome to my blog!

As new and baby faced as this blog may look to the naked eye, I am in fact not new to blogging.
Very ~very~ few, if any of you may have come across this blog via my old one – embarrassingly titled: ‘No Twerking Here Please'. (Yes, you're allowed to cringe)
Many who are reading this will never have heard of me before. Regardless of whatever Internet rabbit hole you've thrown your self down to get here – the warmest of hellos!

What I'm sort of trying to address here is what possessed me to bless the Internet with my messy writing once more - a sort of introduction or re-introduction if you like.

So, sit tight dear readers – it's story time.

Since aged 14 I used my old blog for reviewing books online, gushing about fandoms and basically being a self-proclaimed ‘bookworm', somewhat anonymously.

As I got older and busier the posts began to dwindle and eventually ground to an almost halt.  Reviewing had become a chore and not the fun, exciting escape from everyday life it once was. The only part of blogging I missed and often craved was the actual writing part and engaging with authors and fellow readers. Although books and fandoms are still very much a feature in my life, I've made room for more interests, which I feel my old blog can't adapt to.

Over the past 5 years and even just the past year I have grown so much and really become almost a different person. As disgustingly cheesy as that sounds - it's true. My little blog where I created so many ideas and thoughts and hours of work will always hold a really special place in my heart, and despite its name is something I'm really quite proud of. It let me be who I was in a place where I could get used to being just that without too many onlookers or school friends peering over my shoulder.

Although I'm still learning, I'm beginning to get a grasp about who I am now and it's bigger and more expansive than I originally thought it could be. I've experienced so so much in my infinitesimal life thus far and ‘No Twerking Here Please' is no longer the place I want to share it. (And not just because of that god awful name – don't ask me what I was thinking)

Clicking onto that website now is like visiting a tomb or memorial to the old me – It's cobwebby pages are from a different era and drip with nostalgia and inexperience. It's an ode to someone I loved.

 A new chapter of my life has begun and indeed too may chapters before this have passed for my old blog to catch up.

This new blog, I hope (Mentally crossing fingers) will be adaptable. It will not be caged to one subject or censored to not wanting to expose myself to the people around me.

One key aspect of my old blog I do want to kept and hold on to, however, is why I write. I've always written largely because I enjoy it so much, but I also write to support other people. Whether that be encouraging myself to express something I feel is important, an author needing a review, or even letting someone out there know that perhaps what they think and what they are passionate about is not something they are feeling alone.

There it is the slightly wish-washy intangible first post. I salute anyone out there who actually embarked upon reading it, let alone made it to the end, or even understood what I was trying to get across.

So here I am: Newer, hopefully, a bit wiser and more full of life and happiness, but still me, Just Hebe.

Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash
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